Finish wouldn't be the same without the help and encouragement we received from truly incredible people. Thanks to our amazing beta testers. Also, for those that helped us with press and introductions: as much as I've told you, you truly are awesome. You know who you are. Thanks to Nick Quinlan and Carson Kahn, for helping with everything from this site to when I'd call you in the middle of the night upset about something. Lunch is on me next time. :) Thanks to Steve Streza for his amazing support, testing, mentorship, and staying interested throughout the whole process. Thanks to Micah Baldwin for his consistent mentorship, encouragement, and true honesty. He rocks. Thanks to Loren Brichter, Mike Rundle, Mike Beasley, Andrew Hyde, and many others for providing valuable feedback. Thanks to Samantha Smith (Forbes), Jordan Crook (TechCrunch), Alex Cequa (iPhone Life Magazine), and everyone else who helped share our story. There are many more people who were invaluable in the creation of Finish who aren't mentioned here--some due to their privacy, though this is not intended to be a comprehensive list. We mentioned a small percentage of those who contributed here, and again, you all know who you are and we love you. And as always, stay awesome. Sincerely, Ryan Orbuch