Finish is The to-do list for procrastinators,
now available for free on the App Store

Get Satisfied. Get Finish.

There’s scarcely a more satisfying feeling than checking off tasks in Finish. Just swipe over any task and tap the checkmark icon — the finality of good ol’ paper, but even simpler. There’s also a little surprise we’ll let you discover on your own. (Crank the volume on your iPhone, then try checking something off. Hint Hint.) Beyond just completing tasks, you can tap the Finish logo in the top bar to see what you’ve Finished. Your completed tasks are automatically archived there for easy reference.

No more worrying about the “when.“

With Finish, time is an elastic concept. Your tasks slide up through timeframes as time elapses. For instance, you might set your Short Term category to 0-2 days, and your Mid Term category to 3-5 days. If you then added a task due date for 5 days, it would be categorized as Mid Term. More importantly, after 3 days, that task would slide up into the Short Term timeframe… where it’d wiggle to the top of the Short Term timeframe exactly 5 days after you entered it. You can optionally receive notifications when tasks slide to new timeframes or become due. It's totally simple, totally painless, and totally free of the whole “crap, I totally forgot it was due” thing.

Overwhelmed by long lists? Not anymore.

What makes Finish so unique? Reviewers praise its automated timeframes system. Simply add your task by specifying a name and due date, and Finish takes care of the rest. The duration for your task is automatically calculated, and your to-dos are instantly placed in the proper timeframe. But that’s just half the magic. Once you’ve added a task, Finish keeps track of how much time has elapsed, and auto-manages your tasks by sliding them into the proper timeframes and sending optional notifications. You don’t even have to think about it.

Name, Date, Done.

When building Finish, we worked hard to ensure that adding tasks was effortless and simple. In rigorous testing periods, we underwent over four phases to cut the number of taps to a bare minimum. You type in what you need to do. You tap the date it needs to be done. Then you’re set. Finish is always at work, tracking your tasks through your timeframes, so you don’t even need to think about it.